Mud Trucks Gone Wild Okeechobee Mud

Mud Trucks Gone Wild Okeechobee Mud

 does it again throwing an Awesome Mud Party in the swamp of south Florida. Thumbs up and Subscribe. Also Check out


Com: Extreme: Damn that look fun, people will troll the internet for anything just to leave a negative comment. I'm pretty sure the guys and ladies in this video could care less about what some YouTube troll think of them. They are having fun and that's the only thing that matter...

Com:Rana: you know back in my day girls had to earn beads, they weren't just handed out like participation awards...seriously though I was hoping to see more of that Jeep with the double tire setup...

Com: Nike: You know what i don't know why but i love this!! I don't even come from america but i love idea of driving big trucks around in mud drinking beer and women in bikinis. Just simple things in life that seem fun

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