Chain Saw HACK 8 - 3HP Brushcutter

Chain Saw HACK 8 - 3HP Brushcutter

Yes, I know ...It's better to go to Home Depot and buy a new... I decided to make it on my own :)
My old brushcutter is very week and I can't use it in proper way. A new brushcutter Makita 3HP is very expensive. It costs above $500 so I thought I try to convert my chainsaw to brushcutter.
I spent about $70 for parts to make it. A bill doesn't seems bad.
A device works surprisingly well. It has a lot of power and it's comfortable to use. It's also easy to put it together.
I am very happy with the new device.

Some tools I use in my constructions:

Self made:
Belt grinder 2x48 

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